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Selling a home on your own can be challenging, but here are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind…

1) Get the home ready to show the best it can! You only get 1 chance at a 1st Impression!

2) Determine Your Bottom Dollar Price- Be Ready, know your bottom, if a Buyer Makes an offer within your Zone, Know when to counter offer, or when to just say yes! ( I may be able to help you better understand the current activities in today’s market to determine what to expect on this one).

3) Have a Contract Ready- Be prepared to lock it up tight. Things to make sure to include, Deposits, and who will hold escrow, how much Escrow will you require, Inspection Periods, Loan Approval Dates if Buyer is Financing, Types of Financing and Programs Available, and if they will really work for the Buyer's Circumstances. Even Better is if you know the Buyer's Lender, and the details of their loan. Call the Lender to make sure their loan will really work, and the Buyers are working to get it done. (I have Lenders I have worked with if you need references)!

4) Let them know it is FOR SALE!  Create a nice Sign with your contact info, post on Websites, Facebook, Newspaper, Other Community Billboards you may be involved with. THIS IS A BIG ONE, MORE EXPOSURE = MORE PROSPECTS! Here’s an example of what I do to market new Listings -

5) When the phone rings Be Ready! Answer the calls Right Away, Remember, They're Calling when they’re most interested. (Handling such calls is an Art, and can be somewhat frustrating at times, especially when not always at the most opportune time),  but remember, they're on their schedule, not yours, and they May Have a Check in Hand, to Buy Your Home!

6) Follow Up on ALL CALLS - get their Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email... to stay in contact! This is the part that most fail, because it does take a lot of work, but it is necessary! Buyers don’t just spend this kind of money too easily! They will want answers, the more you can offer, the closer you stay in contact, and on the path to getting the job done!

7) Determine The Buyer's Interests Right Away, It’s ok to ask questions like: "When do you Plan to Purchase?" or "Do you have a home to sell?" and "Will you be financing?"

8) Stay in Touch - Most Buyers will not be ready Right Away, so you may need to keep your home in front of them, by checking in and seeing how the process is going, Ex: Financing, Selling Their Home etc.

9) Ask Them To Buy - Most Buyers will need to be asked to buy multiple times before they are actually willing to make an offer, this is part of “their processing”, and getting the answers to prompt them to the next step!

10) KEEP MY PHONE NUMBER CLOSE AT HAND- CALL ME DIRECTLY, IF it seems you have a real bite, I will help answer the questions to get you to the next step! 321-251-1094

I hope this helps you to see if you're on Track to reaching real buyers!

Let me know if I can help! Calls Are Always Free! So Go Ahead, Take Me Up on It!

And of course, if you would like me to Market your home, Remember, Buyers Pay The Commission and I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, where you can cancel anytime!